Manufacture and install tile conveyor upgrade


Roof Tile Manufacturing | Time Frame: Two Months | Staffing: 9 People


Upgrade project for a roof tile stacking line which consisted of:

  • Building a new inverting tile conveyor
  • Building a new paint booth conveyor
  • Relocation of a stacking machine which included an upgrade to allow it to accept tiles from opposite direction
  • Fabrication of two sets of stairs
  • Fabrication of a platform

This project involved moving machinery from one side of the plant to the other to create room for a new stacking machine from Sweden. The time frame to complete the stacking machine move was only one day to allow for the assembly of new equipment. This was completed as planned then we progressed to aligning the machinery, reconnecting and modifying the tile stacking machine


During the project we were asked to build a new paint booth conveyor that could convey five types of tiles, each with its own shape. This was a very unique design. Prior to this project Steelcraft had never been involved with the tile industry, but, with our diverse group of tradespeople we worked together and solved a number of problems in the design of the conveyor. This project was exciting as it involved lateral thinking and at times required some ingenuity as the problems faced were specific to tile production industry. The conveyor that was built was meant to be a prototype but was so successful that it is still in operation today!