Water cooled waste gas flue


Heavy Manufacturing | Time Frame: Two Weeks | Staffing: 10 People


Replacement of water cooled panels used to duct emission gases, which are formed during the steel making process, to the bag house where particulate is removed

The panels were fabricated in China then shipped to site for installation. There were five panels to be replaced each weighing around 10T. The interesting and challenging part of this project was that the bulk of work was completed at a height of 20m above the ground. A 130T crane was required because of the height and distance of the lifts. In addition to the cooled panels the client also asked us to design and install catwalks for access to the new structure


Operating at height required careful planning and coordination between the scaffolders, mechanical fitters and riggers. Scaffolding was constructed in a way that it could be removed at certain stages of the project and reinstalled as required. All mechanical staff members were trained to work at heights before the project commenced. Some loads were out of balance and required skilled rigging to remove and install the cooling panels safely

The management and coordination around this project was the key requirement in completing the project safely. The end result was an organised project: well planned, smoothly run, and completed on time