Decommission and move entire print factory


Printing | Time Frame: 6 weeks | Staffing: 25 People


The client brief for the project was for the fixed price removal of an entire print site in Tauranga and transport to Auckland for storage, ready for future installation at another site. The brief also included returning the building to its original condition to hand back to landlord. Steelcraft were responsible for all health and safety on site including the client’s staff and all contractors

The machinery removed included: Goss Community heat set press and after burner, Goss Community cold set press, Rima stacker, an inserting line and plate making equipment

All printing units were cleaned, palletised and heat shrinked for easy transport and storage. Over a two week period we had to coordinate numerous trucks to move all the equipment to Auckland, manage several contractors at a time (repairing the roof, concreting floor, removing hazardous waste, repairing walls etc) and run the decommissioning too


There was restricted space between the top of the print units and the relatively low roof making for some difficult crane and fork hoist lifts. We had to calculate weight distribution, understand structural considerations for the load itself, as well as for the floor and surroundings.

Each project brings its own set of unique challenges and constraints – and our success can only be measured by how safely we completed the project.