Repair of steel structural columns


Heavy Manufacturing | Time Frame: Two Months | Staffing: 23 People


This project was part of the Steel Plant upgrade to a 100T gantry crane capable of lifting ladles of molten steel. We worked with Beca Engineering to help with column repair work to ensure that the project finished on time.

The job required arc airing cracks and the re-welding and strengthening of columns by adding additional steel cross members. Some of the column bases were badly corroded and required replacing. This involved jacking columns up and removing a 1m section from their bases. We then replaced the section with a prefabricated section and welded the column back together with a full penetration 100 percent ultra sound weld. Afterward the bases were re-grouted. Due to time constraints the project required a day and night team to get the job completed on time


The project required highly skilled welders, who, prior the commencement of any welding, were required to pass a number of specialised weld test procedures. The welds were in very difficult places and at times the welders had to become contortionists to get the result they were after! We had to adapt to changing conditions which showed the client our flexibility and ability to manage the issues associated with special projects