About Us



Steelcraft Engineering Ltd was established by Gareth George in 1982 to provide engineering and fabrication services to the Auckland steel manufacturing industry. From there the company expanded to include work in the dairy, food and beverage and shipping industries. In the late 90s Gareth’s sons Jason and Darren took over the business. Since then Steelcraft’s client base has grown to include glass processing, printing and cardboard manufacturing.

The company’s ties to the steel industry remain strong with Pacific Steel being one of its biggest and longest served clients. Over the last 30 years the company has evolved and so has its services. In addition to general fabrication Steelcraft now provides structural steel installation, onsite welding, plant maintenance, machinery installation and relocation.


Jason George


Jason has 30 years’ experience working with steel and is a qualified engineer by trade. He holds an advanced trade certificate and a diploma of engineering. These skills have provided many repeat clients over the years who come to him so he can personally manage their unusual projects.


Alexis Jouglin

Project manager/ Welding Co-ordinator

Alexis has 10 years’ of experience working with different types of steel and has continuously progressed in each role from fabricator to supervisor, welding inspector/QA then onto the role he is in now. He holds welding inspector qualifications and is currently studying for a degree in civil engineering.

Chris Gates

Health and safety manager

With a background of 15 years in heavy manufacturing, focusing on health, safety and training, before transitioning into the engineering and construction industry to expand professional experience.

Cathy Zhao

Accounts Manager

Cathy looks after accounts and the day to day administration of the office and is able to answer many of your queries.